Product Intro

Cyber Protection Solutions offers two popular options for managed cybersecurity include the managed security service provider, or MSSP, model, and the managed detection and response, or MDR, model.

What's the Difference Between MSSP and MDR? 

  • MDR

In the MSSP model, the provider uses the tools a customer has to provide a service. The solution tends to be independent of what the provider preferences are and is very tailored to a customer’s existing tools and infrastructure. MSSPs are traditionally less hands-on when it comes to dealing with an incident. They monitor alerts and forward them to the customer's security team to resolve or are handled through a retainer.

Which option is right for me?

Companies or organizations with complex systems might need a customized MSSP service. If a company has a strong need to rely on its own tools and equipment but doesn't have the staff available, it might need an MSSP. 


At Raytheon, we have a 30-question scoping questionnaire to understand what customers are seeking. Learn more about Raytheon Intelligence & Space's full range of MSSP and MDR services.