Securing Communications at the Tactical Edge!

NexGen Optix enables secure, high-capacity, all-domain communications channels for sensor, and other vital data in contested environments. The system incorporates advanced technologies in the field of optics to provide a unique tactical communications system that protects high-speed data transfer across long distances utilizing a nonradio frequency (RF) transport mechanism that is undetectable. The system is easy to use and is interoperable with third-party platforms and data back-hauls.

NexGen Optix equipment

No Adaptive Optics? No problem!

Unlike conventional optical systems, NexGen Optix does not require the use of expensive and bulky Adaptive Optics (AO) equipment to compensate for atmospheric turbulence. NexGen Optix multiple modes of operation, including Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, will allow it to seamlessly act as part of a multi-site communications infrastructure. NexGen Optix can utilize complex modulation techniques to achieve greater spectral efficiency, and securely sends more data within in the same bandwidth in comparison to systems that are limited by required commercial components, even over long distances. This innovation minimizes risk and provides a reliable connection that is less susceptible to interference and jamming, while providing multiple layers of security, connectivity and interoperability when users need it most!