Cloud orchestration without detection or disruption

Managed attribution that vanishes without a trace 

External device communications diagram

The fundamental purpose of Overcast is to enable transport of information between interconnected parties, while simultaneously obfuscating user origin and destination addresses. Overcast serves as a non-attributable bridge to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSP) that enables simultaneous use of multiple transport paths and encrypted channels. It protects users from adversaries by disassociating senders and receivers at multiple levels, and ensures secure, multi-party, global communications, data transport, and compute capabilities. 

Cloud orchestration - with ease

Overcast simplifies the complex world of cloud computing for its users, and was designed with ease of use, customization, and Cybersecurity as principal goals. The platform is easy-to-use and efficient, and users with minimal networking experience can rapidly provision, monitor, automate, and terminate cloud services using the intuitive, web-based user interface. The platform includes administrative tools and templates for custom configurations and recurring missions.

Overcast saves its users time and money because it can terminate or pause cloud services while they are not in use, but can be recalled and re-established - instantaneously - if needed again.

Key Features and Benefits

Overcast interface on laptop screen
  • Scalable, rapid cloud-resource deployment
  • Securely obfuscates communications and data transport
  • Integrates zero trust security mandates and protocols
  • Customized cloud orchestration configurations
  • Automates node creation and termination
  • Future proof, platform agnostic integration
  • Reduces user costs
  • Increases efficiency
  • Minimal networking knowledge required
  • Managed attribution applications that can vanish without a trace

Tailored for your mission

Overcast networks can be as dynamic as the mission demands—from a static network deployment to a completely agile topology that can dynamically change at user-selected intervals, or for individual transactions. From simple to complex use cases, it spans multiple CSPs, regions, and accounts, and is highly configurable for specific use cases. 

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