Never trust, always verify

That’s the basic principle behind the Zero Trust security model. It’s centered on the principle that organizations should never trust anyone or anything by default — regardless of their affiliation, role or location. To be effective, a Zero Trust security approach must be consistently and continuously applied in a risk-adaptive manner to all users, devices, networks, applications, services, and data and across all IT/OT environments. 

Comprehensive, Future-proof Zero Trust Security Platform

Implementing comprehensive and effective security across all pillars of Zero Trust: users, devices, networks, workloads, data, visibility & analytics, and orchestration & automation requires the integration of Zero Trust solutions from multiple vendors.

Raytheon’s REDPro ZTX (Zero Trust eXtended) platform was intentionally designed to address these multi-vendor integration and interoperability challenges, and help organizations of any size jumpstart or accelerate their adoption of Zero Trust security.

REDPro ZTX provides a vendor-agnostic, future-proof, plug-and-play Zero Trust integration framework that enables best-in-class Zero Trust technologies from virtually any Zero Trust solution provider to operate seamlessly side-by-side and provide real-time Zero Trust Security.

The platform’s open, modular architecture allows organizations the freedom of choice when it comes to selecting the most appropriate Zero Trust solutions for their needs, thus preventing vendor lock-in. It also allows them to rapidly integrate new or emerging technologies as they become available while maintaining their existing investments. REDPro ZTX’s support of open standards, such as OpenAPI, enables users to extend REDPro ZTX as needed. 

Cyber Resilient Zero Trust Security

REDPro ZTX is designed to provide comprehensive, cross-platform Zero Trust Security, while also speeding up Zero Trust deployments, lowering technical risk and cost, and reducing cyber incident response times. The platform’s tailorable, plug-and-play, multi-level sensing and anomaly detection capabilities, coupled with its built-in, local and remote Command and Control capabilities allow it to serve as an advanced, multi-layered Zero Trust Policy Enforcement Point.

REDPro ZTX also easily integrates with existing, third-party Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration & Automated Response (SOAR) platforms, enhancing existing security operations. By supporting all pillars of Zero Trust, REDPro ZTX helps organizations implement and harmonize Zero Trust-based access controls across users, devices, networks, applications, services and data. 

REDPro ZTX can provide both Zero Trust security and cyber resiliency simultaneously to provide additional layers of cyber defense for mission-critical systems. This is accomplished through the intelligent integration of technologies that combine complementary hardware and software-based root of trust technologies with secure boot, continuous run-time monitoring, and self-healing-capable, autonomous cyber defense tools.

REDPro ZTX’s multi-layered approach to Zero Trust makes it exponentially harder for internal and external threat actors and malware to avoid detection, manipulate or steal data, or compromise mission-critical systems. By fusing Zero Trust with autonomous cyber resiliency and enabling real-time, multi-level Zero Trust policy enforcement, REDPro ZTX provides pro-active cyber defense capabilities that are designed to thwart even the most sophisticated adversaries.

Seamless and Secure Integration

Through its modular, vendor-agnostic, scalable, multi-platform approach to Zero Trust, REDPro ZTX enables customers to easily tailor and right-size their Zero Trust deployments, as well as decide in which area to start their Zero Trust journey – without having to abandon their existing cybersecurity investments.

This allows organizations to remain in the driver’s seat and accelerate their Zero Trust journey, while at the same time reducing the complexity, technical risk, and cost of their Zero Trust solution. Building on a solid, scalable, open and future-ready integration platform will foster sustainability and maximize return on investment.  

REDPro integration diagram

REDPro ZTX is designed to seamlessly integrate and rapidly deploy Zero Trust Security across edge, on-premise, cloud-, multi-cloud, and hybrid IT and OT environments. It supports Zero Trust best practices and leverages open data formats and standard communications protocols such as OpenAPI. REDPro ZTX’s modular, plug-and-play design and its ecosystem of pre-integrated, optional, industry-leading Zero Trust solutions also helps organizations accelerate their Zero Trust journeys and meet Zero Trust-related government mandates that include Executive Order 14028, OMB M-22-09 and Zero Trust standard compliance requirements, such as NIST SP 800-207, DISA’s Zero Trust Reference Architecture, more easily. 

Real-time Cyber Situational Awareness

REDPro ZTX includes an intuitive, web-based user interface for real-time, Zero Trust-focused situational awareness, automation, orchestration, governance, and command and control. This enables comprehensive, multi-layered monitoring, and policy enforcement across all Zero Trust pillars. REDPro ZTX also features an integrated, OpenAPI-compatible, open source-based SOAR engine with drag and drop access to hundreds of third-party cybersecurity tools to provide autonomous and distributed cyber defense via software-defined cyber playbooks.

REDPro Dashboard

REDPro ZTX Dashboard

Grounded on user-centered design principles, REDPro ZTX’s dashboard was designed with cybersecurity analysts, putting their goals and objectives at the forefront. The dashboard combines Zero Trust-focused, real-time cyber situational awareness with fully automated, and interactive command and control capabilities. It also seamlessly integrates with backend SIEM and SOAR solutions and supports standalone operations in Degraded, Disconnected, Intermittent, and Low Bandwidth (DDIL) environments. 

REDPro Dashboard

REDPro ZTX Autonomous ZT Security

To enable Zero Trust-based, autonomous cyber defense, REDPro ZTX provides an integrated, open source-based SOAR engine and user-configurable cyber playbooks. These event-driven cyber playbooks can be automatically or manually executed to take real-time defensive actions at the user, device, application, service, and/or data level. The SOAR engine’s graphical user interface, and OpenAPI support also provides REDPro ZTX users with instant, no-code drag and drop-level access to hundreds of open source and third-party cybersecurity tools.  

Unmatched Deployment Flexibility

REDPro ZTX and its underlying core services have been containerized and designed to be deployment platform-agnostic. This allows REDPro ZTX to be deployed on bare metal and virtualized infrastructures and cover heterogeneous edge, on-premises, cloud-, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployment scenarios. 

Simplifying the Zero Trust Journey

Achieving comprehensive Zero Trust Security across all pillars requires the use of security solutions from multiple vendors. Unfortunately, the lack of Zero Trust interface standards causes significant interoperability challenges, which also increases overall solution complexity and the risk for vendor lock-in.

Raytheon’s REDPro ZTX platform was designed to help organizations overcome these integration challenges, accelerate their Zero Trust adoption journey, meet compliance goals more easily, and lower their technical risks and cost. In addition to REDPro ZTX, RI&S also offers access to a cadre of highly trained and experienced Zero Trust subject matter experts. Zero Trust-related service offerings include but are not limited to: conducting organizational Zero Trust maturity assessments, developing client-specific Zero Trust strategies and phased implementation plans, performing independent Zero Trust vendor and product evaluations, and assisting clients with Zero Trust pilots and enterprise-wide Zero Trust deployments.