Our services offer organizations the ability to holistically protect their information and data without distracting from or limiting their day-to-day activities. Customer capabilities are analyzed to deliver tailored solutions that fit your needs, with cyber services used to supplement – or potentially replace – existing security operations.

Services available include: 

  • 24/7 cybersecurity support
  • Employee cybersecurity training
  • Total system assessments
  • Threat containment and data recovery services
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Managed detection & response


We provide our customers a full suite of capabilities tailored to their cybersecurity and intelligence needs. 

digital scorpion

Offensive Labs

Offensive Labs trains cybersecurity professionals as well as professionals in related fields to have the cybersecurity skills to think like an attacker. 

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Cyber Resiliency Products

Our unique command and control approach to data protection and resiliency implements a zero trust framework to solve the data protection challenges our partners face. We specialize in bolstering the resiliency of mission critical systems so that organizations are able to perform essential functions and operations even when an adversary has penetrated its defenses and compromised its network. We support a multi-layered approach to address the unique protection needs across the hardware, software and communications layers of a system in order to provide a comprehensive solution.

Electronic Armor

Electronic Armor

Electronic Armor offers hardware- and software-level protection, increasing cyber resiliency of critical platforms

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boot shield

Boot Shield

Boot Shield is a small form factor hardware root of trust protecting COTS hardware against persistent boot-level attacks

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Countervail is software that protects system integrity from attackers with escalated privileges or bypassed traditional risk management controls

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CADS is a real-time cyberattack warning system that provides anomaly and intrusion detection for a variety of communication buses

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DejaVM enables complex systems of systems to be virtualized to support large-scale automated cyber testing

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