Proven, Trusted Mission Partners

Demands on today’s intelligence officers and special operators are greater than ever. Whether operating in hostile, ungoverned areas or on the streets of a modern and connected city, their missions require unmatched capabilities and preparedness backed by the nation’s best support.

For more than two decades, Raytheon Blackbird Technologies, or RBT, has been a trusted, premier provider of advanced situational awareness capabilities, secure communications systems and deployed subject matter expertise for military, law enforcement, commercial and government customers worldwide. 

The fusion of technical and operational expertise

  • We are customer-focused and technology-driven, and have extensive experience designing, deploying, and supporting cutting-edge hardware and software technologies for high-consequence missions.
  • Our products and services are the result of the fusion of technical and operational experts from diverse fields and wide-ranging backgrounds.

Core capabilities

  • Secure Data and Special Networking
  • Real-time Situational Awareness
Mission Services

We train and deploy experienced technical and tactical subject matter experts in support of high-consequence operations with a specialized cadre of Field Services Representatives, many with prior armed forces special operations experience.

Secure Data and Special Networking Real-time Situational Awareness

Blackbird Products

NexGenTrac pulse request on smartphone


is a mobile application that provides global users secure communications, and real-time team situational awareness.

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NGT Watch render

NexGenTrac Watch

provides secure, global situational  awareness, communications and personnel accountability in a wearable device.

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NexGen Optix logo

NexGen Optix

enables secure, high-capacity, all-domain communications channels for sensor, and other vital data in contested environments.
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GlobalTrac UI on screen


provides the interoperability for a globally connected set of devices, data sources, and communications paths.

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Satellite and iFox-3 product


a satellite-based tracking and asset-recovery device that can be overtly or covertly embedded on a wide variety of host platforms for superior on-the-move monitoring.

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