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For more than 160 years, Raytheon ELCAN has been delivering high‐precision optical systems for the most demanding challenges in the world. Across missions, industries and continents, we leverage the depth and breadth of our expertise to drive new standards of quality, innovation and performance.

At Raytheon ELCAN, we think differently to help customers see better and further across any domain and against any challenge.

Drone in flight

Platform-agnostic, performance-driven solutions inside today’s mission-critical technologies.

Buggy mounted HEL system

High-Energy Laser Optics

Our high-performance optics can withstand the unique challenges of high-energy laser systems, with high laser damage threshold, ultra-low scatter, and excellent environmental stability and mechanical durability.

Missile cone mounted guidance system from front

Weapons Guidance & Seekers

ELCAN delivers EO/IR sub-systems that direct missiles and precision-guided effects to successfully engage the right targets – whether moving or stationary – in challenging weather conditions and low visibility.

Chinook in flight trailed by flares

Infrared Search & Track and Counter Measures

ELCAN precision optical sub-systems can detect infrared signatures – for tracking and defense of military jet aircraft, helicopters and UAVs – and help pilots launch surprise attacks that evade radar detection and confuse enemy effects.

Sattelite in orbit

Space ISR

ELCAN reduces size, weight, power consumption, and cost (SWAP-C) with high-performance EO/IR sub-systems that gather data, intelligence and information from space – without compromise, without fail.

Open canopy fighter cockpit

Cockpit Avionics

ELCAN gives pilots and platforms total control of the skies, with EO/IR sub-systems – from head-up displays to advanced sensor suites – that feed data into the cockpit to provide 360-degree situational awareness, and enable faster, smarter decisions.

rifle with attached specter sight

Targeting Systems

From man-portable weapon sights to platform-mounted turrets and multi-spectral and EO targeting systems, ELCAN helps warfighters precisely see, discriminate and aim at targets, in the most challenging conditions, for a decisive tactical advantage.

Enabling technologies. For next-gen performance, down to the nanometer.

Metal polishing
  • Thin film coatings
  • Multi-spectral system design & manufacturing
  • High surface, low-scatter finish
  • Precision alignment & test
  • Diamond point turning & free-form generation
  • Prototyping
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Soldiers using specter sights

ELCAN Specter® Rifle Sights

A complete line of battle-tested, premium quality military tactical weapon sights providing a trusted advantage – across any domain, any challenge, and every mission.
Raytheon ELCAN thin film coating technician measures surface smoothness

Optics with pinpoint accuracy

Microns matter when Raytheon ELCAN designs optical systems
Bright Nights

Space: Where every ounce counts

Raytheon ELCAN uses digital engineering to lighten space optics

Made in Canada. Innovating for the world. 

ELCAN has a 160-year legacy of pioneering innovations – and we’re proud to deliver world-leading solutions from teams and talent based in Canada. We are one of the largest private-sector employers in Simcoe County, Ontario, and are committed to strengthening jobs, opportunities and investment across all of Canada – to drive benefits that impact the world.

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  • Investing in R&D with Canadian universities and businesses
  • Providing Canadian companies with opportunities within a global supply chain
  • Supporting the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Enhancing training and skills development for Canadians
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