Advanced ground combat targeting: provides superior performance in all environmental conditions including smoke, rain, snow and fog.

Forward-Looking Infrared, or FLIR, gives operators the ability to perform targeting, reconnaissance and fire support under the cloak of darkness, enabling them to “own the night.” Soldiers can peer through dust storms, see enemies in hiding and capture high-resolution pictures without compromising their positions.

FLIR technology detects heat and creates images, allowing troops to “see” through darkness, smoke, rain, snow and fog. Electronic sensors made with this technology can be found on weapons or attached to armored vehicles and fighter jets.

Raytheon Technologies FLIR technology offers soldiers four fields of view: wide, medium, narrow and ultra-narrow.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space is the industry leader in FLIR technology, with decades of innovation in the field. FLIR was invented in 1963 by a Texas Instruments engineer, Kirby Taylor. Texas Instruments was later acquired by the former Raytheon Company.

The first two generations of FLIR technology have served forces for more than 50 years and now Raytheon Intelligence & Space is introducing 3rd generation FLIR technology to the battlefield.

Key benefits of 3rd GEN FLIR™ technology

  • Creating overmatch
  • Cost-effective vehicle modernization
  • Production-ready now
Protecting troops

3rd GEN FLIR provides high-definition resolution and magnification with increased precision from much greater distances.

Creating overmatch Cost-effective vehicle modernization Production-ready now