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The EAGLE Logistics Product Data, or LPD, tool is a logistics system using a central database repository for the development of fully compliant logistics products for a variety of military specifications, including GEIA-STD-0007 (Rev A & B), MIL-STD-1388-2B, and DEF STAN 00-60 (all Issues) with DEF(AUST)5692 on the horizon.

EAGLE utilizes an indentured parts list/bill of material loader to generate a spec-compliant breakdown and can backfill LSA data as well as an ad hoc table interface for bulk loading and editing. A featured interface allows for tailoring information by way of cloning, referencing, or adding & editing records individually by functional area. Entire branches can be moved in a breakdown view of the project and entire breakdowns can be mapped to particular variants in a matrix view of the complete system.

EAGLE automatically builds all standardize logistics reports, exchange files, and integrates with the EAGLE Publishing System, or EPS, to flow LSA data into technical publications on a single database instance which meet the requirements of ASD S1000D and MIL-STD-40051.


  • Bill of Materials Importer
  • Breakdown Navigation
  • Task Analysis
  • Reliability and Maintainability
Ad Hoc

EAGLE Ad Hoc is a powerful reporting tool that allows users to easily create simple or complex SQL-based reports that can be tailored to extract data from EAGLE, EPS or MMIS.  After an Ad Hoc query is executed, data can be updated on the fly, and new rows can be imported by cutting and pasting directly from Microsoft Excel. This feature allows you to cut and paste 1000s of rows into the database with a couple of clicks. Ad Hoc queries can also be stored in the database for future use.

Bill of Materials Importer Breakdown Navigation Task Analysis Reliability and Maintainability
Publishing System

Robust and intuitive software for the authoring and management of electronic technical manuals.

The EAGLE Publishing System is a CSDB that allows users to manage their technical publications in a standardized format (XML and SGML). The EPS allows the users to author and manage their technical content utilizing built in workflow and configuration management with an integrated XML editor included with the software.

EPS was designed by the Raytheon EAGLE team from the ground up to be fast, powerful, intuitive and robust. It incorporates many user requested features to facilitate rapid data production and includes program management functions that facilitate on-time production at minimal cost. Easy-to-use productivity tools and features assist the technical writers to produce and validate content quickly and accurately.


  • LSA Data
  • Publishing
  • Specification Support

EPS includes a fully integrated SGML/XML editor with real-time what-you-see-is-what-you-get content view and navigation. The editor has the ability to search the database and assist the author to create references to internal and external objects, and it continuously checks the content for schema validity and conformance with the business rules, helping technical authors produce data quickly and accurately.

LSA Data Publishing Specification Support
Maintenance Management

At Raytheon, inventory management extends beyond simple inventory tracking. Continuous improvement is engrained in our culture, and we have set up several standard practices that infuse inventory management with other disciplines such integrated logistics support analysis, reliability engineering, and configuration management. We understand that the product life of a weapon system can span decades and monitoring reliability trends and diminishing suppliers is critical if we are going to exceed the operational requirements of our customers. Raytheon has developed a software system that unifies FRACAS, configuration management, preventive maintenance and inventory management - the EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System.

With MMIS, inventory items can be serialized or un-serialized and the configuration of these items can be tracked over time via our MMIS AsMaintained Configuration module. Special care is taken to ensure that CAGE Codes, Part Numbers and National Stock Numbers are controlled and approved by the proper engineering authority. If the contractor chooses, these part numbers can be tracked in MIL-STD-1388-2B or GEIA-STD-0007 repositories to ensure conformance to standard logistics support analysis practices. Software and firmware configuration can be tracked and parts can be categories and consumables, test equipment, repairable, and long lead items.


  • Inventory Analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Workflow
  • Remove and Replace Procedures
Inventory Tracking

Inventory can be tracked geographically to the site/location/shelf and bin level and every material movement transaction is recorded for audit purposes. Inventory condition and value can also be recorded. Barcoded items can be registered in the MMIS inventory system and IUID labels can be created in various formats. As material is shipped between sites and locations, shipping and receiving documents can be created for audit purposes and applicable shipping documents such as DD1949s or DD1348s can be created.

Inventory Analysis Maintenance Workflow Remove and Replace Procedures

EAGLE Vision is an IETM viewer, similar to the EPS Previewer, which is able to display hyperlinks to other objects such as paragraphs, steps, graphics, tables or even other data module content. However, unlike the EPS Previewer, EAGLE Vision has been created as a web-based application to be more portable, now you will no longer need to have EPS installed to view publications. Once EAGLE Vision is set up on a web server and linked with the licensed builder, you will be able to use any laptop, tablet or smartphone, with access to the remote server, to view IETMs that have been deployed by the builder application.

This viewer has been developed to support any data module type currently supported by the EPS Previewer. This means that graphic formats such as CGM and SVG are supported without any third-party plugins. Linking and viewing hotspots are also supported with the EAGLE Vision graphics viewer.

EAGLE vision allows IETMs to be downloaded for offline viewing.


The EAGLE EPS Web Portal is a web application that gives customers and end users a quick and easy way to review S1000D data modules, publication modules, as well as entities. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes for the review process by giving specific users access to view the data and publication modules.

Users with access to a project will have the ability to view the associated data and publication modules in both PDF and Interactive Electronic Technical Manual format. They will be able to locate specific data modules and publication modules by using the Finder Filters, which will help narrow down any search results. Users will also be able to post comments on each data or publication module, as well as upload any additional attachments.

Uploaded attachments can range from Microsoft Word documents and images to annotated PDFs. The author will be able to see these uploaded attachments instantly, and can proceed with any changes suggested by the reviewers.

Training & Services

Introduction to the EAGLE Logistics Product Data

This course introduces students to the Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment Logistic Product Data solution. It includes the fundamentals of Integrated Logistics Support and Logistic Support Analysis. The EAGLE client is used in a workshop setting to develop logistics data and produce sample output reports and files. The training can focus on the logistics product data standard of choice; MIL-STD-1388-2B, DEF STAN 00-60 or GEIA-STD-0007.

Introduction to EAGLE Publishing System

This course instructs students in how to use the EAGLE Publishing System to create valid technical data. The training can focus on the technical data standard of choice ASD S1000D or MIL-STD-40051-1. The topics included in the core training are: ASD S1000D, structured XML authoring, creating projects, creating and validating data, workflow and roles, exporting data and publishing. If required, the training can include exercises in the use of EAGLE LSAR data to automatically generate procedural and Illustrated Parts Data Modules. The course concludes with a high-intensity collaborative workshop that consolidates the learning and provides a roadmap for production projects.

Follow-on consulting is offered and recommended. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors can provide detailed advice and assistance to programs to establish production projects. This can give projects a head start and avoid the need re-work data later on.

EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System

The purpose of this training course is to familiarize the student with how the Maintenance Management Information System is used to capture and utilize contractual data requirements in the depot repair process. Topics include Engineering Change Proposals, Lessons Learned, AsBuilt/AsMaintained Configuration Management, Inventory Management, Contracts, Document Management, Failure Reporting and Corrective Action, and Traveler/Workflow Management. These are all common functions in both Contract Logistics Support and Performance-Based Logistics contracts used in the aerospace and defense industry and are vital components in process improvement, quality, and superior system readiness. This course also provides an overview on how the Logistics Support Analysis Control Number is used in EAGLE to model a hierarchical parts breakdown and how that breakdown is used in MMIS in the context of FRACAS and AsBuilt configuration management.

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Advanced Training and Consulting Services

In addition to the core training courses offered, the Raytheon EAGLE team is comprised of software developers, specialists and engineers who have many years of experience on a bewildering range of programs.

If you have a need for a tailored or advanced class or perhaps want to take advantage of expert consulting services to save time, effort and costs in getting a project off the ground, we are in a position to offer this on request.

Training Locations Class Size Other Services


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